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Since 2001, JJ&A has successfully completed more than 98% of our retained searches, and 100% of our work is reference-able.

Since 2001, JJ&A has successfully completed more than 98% of our retained searches, and 100% of our work is able to be referenced.

A key distinction of JJ&A's practice is our ability to extend value deeper into our client's organization and longer through their lifecycle. Our Private Placement and Contingency offerings ensure that after we find leaders, we can also bring in the key lieutenants and individual contributors to build out their teams. For our Retained Search clients, JJ&A leverages its knowledge of clients’ businesses, products and services, cultures, competitive landscapes, and the markets in which they compete in order to efficiently identify and target high-quality staff. Companies make an enormous investment in getting a Retained Search firm spun up on their story. Being able to leverage that investment deeper and longer with a partner like JJ&A is an attractive value proposition for CEOs and their boards. Jim Jonassen & Associates Venture Search offers its clients three “products”, which we feel provide a startup or emerging growth company CEO the most comprehensive and cost-effective solution to the challenge of attracting top talent.

Our core services include:
  • Retained Search
    For VP and CXO assignments, we work on a retained basis. Jim leads all retained searches personally. We only work on a maximum of 4 searches at one time and we will not work on a similar search for another client until we finish yours. All retained searches are delivered on a fixed-fee basis (quoted at engagement) rather than the percentage of base or on-target earnings (OTE) billed by most search firms. In addition, our retained searches come with a one year guarantee. We prefer to take a portion of our fee in stock, in the form of a warrant or option.

  • Private Placement
    Exclusively for our retained clients, we offer a hybrid service to source mid-level professionals (director/manager/lead/individual contributors). We charge a premium success fee based on the selected candidates cash compensation and we guarantee the placement for 6 months. Clients pay a small up-front retainer that is credited toward another placement in the unlikely event that we are not successful.

  • Contingency
    Our retained clients can leverage the investment in their partnership with JJ&A longer through their lifecycle and deeper into their organizational chart through our contingency recruitment. JJ&A can leverage the research, packaging, and knowledge of the client’s organization by delivering on management and staff level positions. Contingency assignments work on a discounted success fee and placements are guaranteed for ninety days.
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